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Security Technology

Security Technology is an integral component of an effective and complete security program. Smartly designed security systems can enhance the total security by either handling tasks that cannot be handled by human’s or by doing the task handled by human’s in a more cost effective manner.

Vigilant Premium’s security technology solutions incorporate cutting edge technology that answers the needs of a wide range of customers acting in many different industries and segments. Simple solutions to complex, multi-location networked systems can be designed while keeping scalability in mind.

We can provide solutions in; 

  • Intruder detection  
  • Video Surveillance  
  • Access Control  
  • Guard Tour Patrol

Security Services

Whether your requirement is a Security Officer to guard your factory premises or a Receptionist to man the office entrance, or Officers to monitor your surveillance cameras, Vigilant has personnel to meet your specific needs.

  • Manned Guarding
  • Receptionist Services
  • On-site CCTV Monitoring services
  • Remote Video Surveillance

Central Alarm Monitoring & Emergency Response

Our Central Alarm Monitoring Station is alert 24/7, watching over customer premises, to take the correct action when an emergency occurs.

When an alarm of some kind is triggered at a customer’s premises, our trained Monitoring Officers take the necessary steps as per customer instructions. If required, they will activate one of our Alarm Response teams to respond and act according to predetermined instructions at the location. This usually involves checking the exterior and interior of the customer’s building or facility.

GPS based Real Time Guard tour system monitoring

A part of our remote monitoring solution is to ensure Security Officers on-site are alert and working as per the Standard Operating Procedures of the customer. Our Central Monitoring Station Officers do this by keeping track of the GPS based Guard Tour systems at customer locations and checking in on officers who have not checked in. If there is no response to our call, an Alarm Response Team will be dispatched to check on the site.


Through International Investigators Network (Pvt) Ltd., Vigilant offers a range of investigative services to suit corporate needs.

Though based in the heart of Colombo, the investigative services of IIN are offered throughout the country and beyond through the company’s extensive network of partner investigators across the globe.

Driven by a team of field agents including high ranking ex-Police officers, National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) personnel, our investigators are trained and well informed. Some of the key values that guide our investigators are their integrity, impartiality and commitment to the job. Upon request and the complexity of the case, IIN also reaches out to trained consultants to carry out investigations.

Over the years, the International Investigators Network has accumulated a loyal client base including leading insurance companies, law firms, blue-chip companies, medium to small scale businesses and private clients as a result of the company’s ability to solve investigations efficiently while maintaining anonymity, confidentiality and quick turnaround times. Moreover, investigation companies from the US, Europe and Asian regions select IIN as their trusted investigation partner for scrutinizing, fact-finding and inspection.

IIN is an ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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Security Seals

Vigilant markets a wide range of Tamper-Evident Security Seals. Vigilant’s expertise and vast product knowledge help to provide customers with the highest quality products to best meet their needs. The broad product line ensures that there is a security seal for any industry.

Our products include:

  • Plastic Seals

Adjustable plastic strap seals and plastic padlock seals that can be used on trailers, trucks, mail & cash bags, warehouse doors, etc.

  • High-Security Bolt and Padlock Seals
  • Tamper Evident Security Tapes & labels
  • Tamper Evident Security Bags (Single use & Re-usable)

Executive Protection

International travel into the Asian region can be challenging at times due to language barriers, sudden protests, civil unrest and political instability. A team that has intimate local knowledge, access to relevant agencies, and experience in handling situations can be invaluable to the Executive and the organization concerned.

Vigilant can provide trained and experienced officers who are well groomed and discreet to provide a peace of mind to the traveler. Our solutions/services include:

  • Threat analysis, advance preparation and planning
  • Advance team deployment
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Logistics coordination and support
  • Deployment of qualified drivers and Close Protection Officers
  • Rapid response teams

Security Inspection Equipment

In a world where wars are not typically fought in the jungles and a terrorist looks no different than your next door neighbor, commercial and high security establishments need to take screening of people, bags and parcels seriously.

Vigilant’s range of Security Inspection equipment comply with global standards while ensuring throughput is not impacted.

Our solutions include:

  • Baggage scanning machines for;
    • Commercial buildings
    • Hotels
    • Logistics
    • High security establishments
    • Critical infrastructure
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors
  • Hand Held Metal Detectors
  • Temperature Detectors (fixed / table top)