Integrated Security Solutions

Vigilant Premium offers corporates a new feature-rich, Integrated security solution unlike any other. In order to offer businesses an effective and efficient security service we’ve utilized a multifaceted approach.

Together with our customers, Vigilant Premium will design the most effective and cost-efficient solution within the customer’s budget. Our team will ensure the correct balance of on-site guards, technology, remote monitoring and mobile security patrols so security is not compromised even though they are looking to manage costs.

Managed Integrated Solutions by Vigilant

The integrated solution can be offered as a fully managed solution by Vigilant. This means that we take full responsibility for on-site installations, maintenance of security components, operations and remote services as well as technology investments.

On-site Guarding

Vigilant Premium on-site Agents are the best paid in the industry. This ensures less labour turnover and more work satisfaction. Furthermore, our modus operandi is to allow every security staff member to work only a 12-hour shift for the entire day; this ensures that they are well rested for a new shift the next day.

These Agents receive international standard training to enable them to interact professionally with customers, visitors etc. and to provide protection to clients property from external threats.

Based on customer requirements these agents can provide;

  • Access Control
  • Reception/concierge services
  • Security Guard Patrols
  • Customer specific security duties

Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveillance supports the on-site guards by being their eyes in places where they cannot physically be. Whether it is a facility with a large extent of perimeter or a small site with one guard, remote surveillance of alarms and CCTV cameras enhances security on-site while keeping costs down by not requiring extra guards on-site.

Our remote monitoring services cover;

  • Alarm monitoring & verification
  • Remote video surveillance
  • GPS based security guard patrol monitoring

Mobile Security Patrols

Using distinctly marked Vigilant Premium vehicles, our patrol teams will visit customer sites at periodic intervals within a specified geographical area. In an emergency they can quickly respond to alarms or requests for assistance from on-site guards or the Central Monitoring Station.

Our Mobile Patrols offer the following services;

  • Periodic patrol visits
  • Alarm & Emergency response
  • Employee security escorts