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Central Alarm Monitoring

Central Alarm Monitoring & Emergency Response

When an alarm is triggered it is critical that someone is monitoring it and is ready to take necessary action. Vigilant Premium will do just that by making sure we are monitoring your premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Central Alarm Monitoring & Response Service helps protect the people and things you value most. Whether you are home or away or whether your business premises is guarded or not, day or night, if your alarm triggers you have the reassurance of a team of trained professionals coming to your assistance. If necessary we will also inform the Police, Fire Department or Medical Emergency Services.

Our Central Alarm Monitoring ;
• Can distinguish between a burglary, fire, medical, hostage & any panic situation by the signal received and give a response accordingly.
• Will alert you in case the alarm system has not been armed at a scheduled time.
• Will alert you if there is an unscheduled opening even by an authorized user.