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Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic Security Solutions

Electronic security is an integral component of an effective and complete security program. Smartly designed security systems can enhance the total security by either handling tasks that cannot be handled by human’s or by doing the task handled by human’s in a more cost effective manner.

Vigilant Premium has vast experience in designing, installation and maintenance of security systems. We have the expertise to design a simple 4 camera solution to a complex, multi-location networked system to best suit the customer requirements while keeping scalability in mind.

We can provide solutions in;
• Intruder detection    • Video surveillance    • Access control    • Guard Patrol

We are able to;
• Design, install & maintain systems.    • Help you to make best use of your existing system.     
• Upgrade outdated and non-functional parts of your current system.   
• Replace your existing system with a more effective one.